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Which copier is best for my business. What is the best photocopier for business use.

Finding the best photocopier for your small business is no small task. You may spent hours searching through customer reviews or websites to determine which copier model will stand the test of time and give you the most return on your investment, especially if you have a limited budget for office equipment.

Number of employees copying or printing

  • • 10 - 30 employees
  • • Over 30 employees
  • • Under 10 employees (Home office)

Decisions, decisions? Fortunately, you have come to the right place. You can use these helpful guidelines found below to choose the right copy machine to meet your business’s photocopy needs based on office size, industry, and top features.

The best small business copier for less than 10 employees/home office

Most small businesses and home offices can significantly benefit from the use of multifunction copy machines instead of separate office equipment to avoid the clutter in limited space of multiple machines like a printer, fax machine, and scanner. Since a small business is unlikely to use a copy machine 100s of times through the day, it will be easy to balance copy jobs with other daily tasks, like printing, faxing, and scanning.

It is recommended for small businesses or home offices, if on a limited budget or if they do not plan on using the copier heavily to start with an affordable multifunction copier. The idea is to purchase a machine with a decent print and copy speed to compliment a good productivity rare and to be network-ready for quick multi user access. Choosing a color copier over a B&W only will also be more versatile for all around use in a small office or home office environment.

Small businesses with up to 10 employees that copy, print, scan or fax on a daily basis in a professional environment may prefer a color multifunction copier with multi paper trays and possibly a finisher. These machines allow users to print different size paper, and depending on the need they can print in legal or letter size and some copiers up to 11X17in paper or larger. Multiple paper trays also benefit the ability to store a larger amount of paper therefore minimizing the need to constantly refill the paper trays for when printing or when receiving faxes.

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The best small business copier for 10-30 employees

When reviewing the photocopier needs of a mid-sized small business ranging from 10 to 30 employees, choosing a basic digital copier might not be the best choice. Larger workgroups demand more and faster printing capabilities. A higher capacity multifunction copier will be needed in order to support the output in a busy work environment.

You should consider a copier that is designed with efficiency in mind and have the ability to produce professional quality color copies as you might decide to print your own flyers, marketing materials or presentation brochures. As described above, multi tray options or a large capacity side trays might balance heavy workloads throughout the day. Also, having a finisher with the ability to hole punch and staple could increase productivity in the workplace.

Recommended for a business that often prints their own flyers and marketing materials, like an advertising or graphic design firm. The copier also boasts printing, scanning, and faxing features with mobile printing commands that can support telecommuter employees.

The best small business copier for 30 or more employees

If your small business has more than 30 employees you might consider the meaning or efficiency when looking for a copier. You will most likely look for a faster multipurpose machine with an attached finisher as you will be using it more often for all you larger printing jobs. You will also need a copier machine that has built in security, manageable user accounts, and advanced features like automatic duplexing, security authentication, and color correction technology to name a few.

In professional work environments such a Real Estate office where you might have up to 50 agents using the copier it is recommended that you set up individual user accounts to track and manage consumables.

For any business industry that regularly deals with paperwork, like a medical office, insurance company, or accounting firm, selecting a high-volume machine will give you the most return on your investment.

In order to make a wise decision when purchasing a copier for your office take a moment and consider your industry, this will guide you to determine the size and projection of business growth for the copier you will need. Take into had the features that your office needs to boost productivity. From there, you can compare prices and manufacturers to select the right model for your workplace. If you have any questions about buying a copier Click Here to speak with our knowledgeable copier experts to help you assess your business needs .

Call us Today, we have the right copier for your business in San Bernardino County - (909) 366-5900

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