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What you should know about Renting a Photocopier. Should I Rent A Photocopier For My Office?

Today's small businesses are fortunate because consumer electronics and office equipment have dramatically lowered in cost from a few decades ago. Larger office equipment such as digital printing and photocopying are among the expensive office equipment that is trending within the business rental services.

As a small business owner with budget constraints, renting a copier might be the right short term option. But as your business grows and becomes more dependant of a photocopier for daily use, you might want to consider buying a copier to eliminate the long term high cost of renting.

The disadvantage of buying vs. renting a copier

It’s not a bad option to invest in office equipment that you know your company will use long term. However, there are might be a few cons to buying a photocopier. With maintenance being the main issue, you will be responsible for the expense of repairs if you own the unit. As the owner, you are solely responsible for maintenance to your copy machine if it breaks down, just as if you lease a vehicle. If your photo copier is out of warranty, you will need to find a reliable and honest photocopier repair technician to maintain and repair your copier and try to limit over priced service to your unit.

Another aspect is the ink which in digital copiers its called toner. You should always stock up on toner if you use your machine all the time. We recommend you purchase your photocopier toner via the internet in bulk if possible as this will greatly lower the cost to print. If you purchase in bulk, whether it be aftermarket toner or factory toner for your copier, this will lower the running cost, thus saving a significant amount of money on ink and other consumables.

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The advantages of renting a copier

The first point to make when you are renting a photocopier is that your will never own the copier machine. If you are thinking long term, in some cases it might be cheaper to rent a photocopier as the toner and maintenance are usually already included in your contract. If you experience some problems with your copier, all you need to do is report it to your supplier who will be responsible for the photocopier maintenance. Most photocopier rental companies will send a copier technician to look at your photocopier and repair it right away or if the problem is worse, they can pull the copier machine out and take it for repairs. When this happens, the copier rental company will usually give you a replacement copier until they can figure out what’s wrong with yours. This will lessen the impact on your daily business operations. You won't need to stop everything just because your photocopier broke down. If we compare to buying a copier and the same was to happen where you would need to have your photocopier serviced at the repair office then you have no replacement unit to work with.

Cash flow is a very important aspect of any business. If you were to rent a photocopier instead of buying the photocopier, you will improve your business cash flow as it reduces the need to pay a large amount up front. The expense is distributed throughout your contract in smaller payments.

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Renting a photocopier also has benefits as a business expense so it might have better tax advantages as well as being able to upgrade or downgrade as needed which could lead to being able to acquire latest technologies. Always check your photocopier rental or lease agreement for such options.

Another advantage of renting a copier machine is having the availability to only use it for a particular length of time, you can end your contract and give it back to the supplier. There is no need or burden to find a buyer to recoup some of your expenses as you might have to if you buy a copier.