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Copier Buying Advice in Rialto, CA.
Advantages and disadvantages of buying a photocopier in Rialto, CA.

This photocopier buying guide is set to help provide you with the information needed for choosing the right copier for your business or home office needs in Rialto, CA. We will asses the best copier terms, service considerations and suppliers for your business Rialto, CA. Buying a photocopier is more than just looking at the copier speed and warm-up time but also the print specifications and needs at a basic level or advanced level including features and accessories that come with or might be possible future add-ons to your photocopier.

The first important step is to define the basics of your copier needs by taking photocopier specification considerations which we will cover below.

Educating yourself a little about what copier options and the latest photocopier features are available can go a long way to helping you choose the right copier when buying or leasing a new or used copier in Rialto, CA. You will know what options are essential in your day to day copying or printing needs Rialto, CA.

It is also recommended to consider bundling certain photocopier options that are becoming increasingly popular in Rialto, CA such as network faxing which is a common upgrade to compliment a high speed scanner.

What copier does your business need?

The most essential requirement in an Rialto, CA office photocopier is copy and print speed either in color and black and white. This variable is set by your copy and print volume, either present or projected.

How much will you use your copier? What is your monthly copy and print volume?

Copy speed is measured in copies per minute (CPM) and print speed is in pages per minute (PPM). The main factor controlling productivity, and ultimately efficiency, is the speed of the photocopier or printer. A slower copier machine will cost less but production time for individual print jobs may not meet your level of satisfaction, specially if working in workgroups. You should factor this over projected monthly volume.

Note to consider, a faster photocopier machine will be able to handle:

  • • Larger print jobs
  • • Larger work load by multiple users
  • • Higher Productivity rate
  • • Longer load times

It is important to assess your current copy usage by conducting a print audit of average pages copied per month, paper size requirements, black & white and color printing or copying. Take an outlook and consider the potential growth of your company in Rialto, CA.

If you plan to upgrade from your current copier to a newer photocopier you should look at your copiers meter which with give you a direct understanding of your average current monthly volume. If you are planning on buying or leasing your company’s first photocopier you should be able to get a rough idea from looking at photocopy and printing shop receipts from recent jobs. Also, if you plan to use the photocopier as a network printer in a workgroup, then calculate the expected copy and print volume to go up by 30% to 50%.

If you are projecting future growth it would be a good idea to look for a more reliable heavier duty copier machine and you should increase this projected figure again by at least 15%.

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A simple rule to gauge copy and print volume.

  • • Up to 2000 pages per month: - 16-25 ppm copy machine
  • • 2000-5k pages per month: - 35-45 ppm, 55 ppm copy machine
  • • 5000+ pages per month: - 65-80 ppm copy machine

One point to consider is that if you plan on using your copier for longer and larger print runs, if you select a slower (PPM) printing copier it will considerably take longer to finish each print job.

Faster performing ppm copiers are recommended to handle higher peak time use and larger jobs.

Here are some points for your consideration about copiers.

  • • In general we do not recommend using the manufacturer's monthly maximum print volume as we have found that number is sometimes exaggerated. Due to our decades of experience we feel that you might receive best user experience while copier reliability if you follow the copy print volume guide above for best results.
  • • A lower PPM is not recommended if you need to have a fast turnaround time for print jobs or if you wish to have a steady workflow without delays or interruptions.
  • • Don't settle for a cheap copier machine that will not fulfill the job requirements or your printing needs, as you might end with a copier that was not built for the job!
About copier networking options for print functionality

As photocopiers have evolved, network printing has become a common used feature in copiers as workgroups within companies widely utilize this copier feature. A photocopier is no longer just used for copying but also printing for the whole office or company in Rialto, CA. Beneficially, since its a copier that the office is printing to, you gain form the multi-functions such as double-sided, collated and ultimately stapled or hole punch set of documents if you order your copier with a finisher in Rialto, CA.

As company employees take advantage of being able to print directly from their desk tops to their office copier in Rialto CA, in the long run the will save your company money. This means that employee efficiency will increase as your staff will be able to quickly produce many high quality collated, stapled documents without leaving their desks. Also, the cost of printing form a photocopier is significantly lower than printing from a laser printer and in turn one less machine you have to maintain or purchase because these photocopiers are multifunction devices (MFD).

Why Color Copiers are becoming more popular

There is a huge upswing demand for color copiers and printers as small businesses in Rialto, CA are realizing the affordability factor is within their reach. The factors which fuel this color revolution demand are significantly contributed by feature rich compact modern copier machines that print faster than their older predecessors. Among the photo copier models we recommend are:


For many years the photocopier industry had maintained a steady cost for acquisition within the consumer market for color copiers which ranged between 20-35% more than a comparable black & white copiers with similar options and print speed. As technology advances and demand increases for color printing we have noticed a gradual price stabilization. Although color printing is prone to be more expensive due to multiple toner cartridges (especially when not factored into a service plan) more and more businesses are now buying or leasing, new and used color copiers in Rialto, CA. The benefits of color copiers versus a B&W greatly vary as we notice a greater impact of color over B&W printing when used in marketing campaigns or corporate image as well as the money and time savings and convenience of in-house printing.

Hybrid Color Solutions

Because most businesses in Rialto, CA do not print in color all the time, today's photocopiers have an option in the printing properties that when enabled will only use black toner to print what is in text. We highly recommend this option to be enabled to save toner and money.

This toner saving feature is becoming widely used by businesses in Rialto, CA to minimize the printing cost while allowing users to still have the color printing option at their finger tips. In most cases by using this option in your printing settings of your photocopier, your cost of printing will almost be the same as a mono color printer. Yet, color printing is very useful for graphics, charts, presentations, coversheets, proposals but you will print text only using the black toner instead of using all color cartridges in that single pass.

For those small businesses in Rialto, CA that do not need to be printing much or do not need to be color copying much, there needs to be a decision made as to the need to purchase a color copier or a B&W copier. In some cases a smaller desktop multifunction all-in-one color printer will suffice. Just keep in mind what long term purpose you will have for such a machine as toners tend to be the problem long term as they might cost more that their larger unit counterparts.

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Professional and Full Color

If your Rialto, CA business sends out on a monthly basis a good amount of color printed media such a promotional literature you may consider saving yourself money by buying a color photocopier. To find out more about how you can save money on color printing in-house please contact us to review your requirements a s we have many color copiers to suit all your business needs in Rialto, CA.

Call for sales advice

If at any point of reading this photocopier buyers guide you cannot find answers to your photocopier questions please feel free to give us a call here at San Bernardino Copier Liquidator and one of our expert photocopier personnel will assist you in answering your photocopier needs or selecting the right photocopier for your business in Rialto, CA.

How Color Photocopiers Work

The basic idea of the color photocopier is similar to having a PC scanner connected to a laser printer. The copier scans the image from the paper that passes though the scanner and transfers the information via laser to a drum that is charged electronically. It is here that the toner bonds to the charged areas of the drum then passes through a fuser unit where high temperature finishes the toner on to the paper. In a color copier that process could, depending the how old the unit is, pass several times due to different colors. Much recent copiers have the ability to process all colors in one pass due to having one drum for each color, streamlining the workflow.

Color Copier and Editing Features

The most common features on digital color copiers include border erasing, image centering, color adjustment, and color balancing.

Most of the printers offered by San Bernardino Copier Liquidator offer consistent high quality color on coated, uncoated and textured media. These new generation of copiers offer advanced an fusing process where the texture is not ironed out and images appear shiny on glossy paper, and matt on plain paper. Please contact our copier experts if your priority is color accuracy and consistency as we can assist you find the right copier for your business in Rialto, CA.

How useful are some advanced printer functions?

With a good idea of your monthly printing/copying volume, speed, color and network connectivity requirements you can began looking at specific copier machines made by top name photocopy manufacturers. Keep in mind that buying a copier with a lot of features does not mean you will be paying for unnecessary options. Most photocopiers come loaded with options as the new standard, bearing little to no impact on price. Just remember to stick to the outline.

Buying a multifunctional copier in Rialto, CA such from Ricoh's office photocopier product line is a must have due to internal network features that can do or help with many of the following tasks:

  • • Print
  • • Scan To File
  • • Scan To eMail
  • • Copy
  • • Send Faxes
  • • Email Scanned Documents from their PC or MAC (Document Server)
  • • Utilise Advanced Security Functions
  • • Utilise Document Management and Restricted Use Management
  • • Email and Fax Notification for Service
  • • Scan formart in .jpeg, .pdf, slim pdf, .tif and .xps.

The main reason for reviewing this photocopier advanced features is "Efficiency". If is a good idea to consider this advanced copier features for the possible benefits it might bring to your daily activities of you business' such as productivity and efficiency. Ask yourself, how much wasted time vs not having these features available?

Automatic Document Feeders

An automatic document feeder (ADF) is a great piece of hardware that allows you to copy multi-page documents without having to lift and lower the cover of your copier for every sheet you copy. Instead, the stack of originals can be placed into the feeder and, by pressing start, the ADF automatically pulls each page through. The ADF can also be a RADF (reverse document feeder) and be able to copy one side or full duplex and can also auto detect between paper sizes so you may bundle letter and legal size paper and exactly make the same copy of the bundle you placed in the ADF as long as your copier has multiple paper trays housing the different paper sizes.

Duplex Copying

Duplex, or double-sided copying, is a useful feature that enables your copier to print on both sides of every sheet or paper. The benefits of printing duplex also includes saving paper, lowering cost, reduced filing and the time involved if you were to produce double-sided copies manually. On an environmental level, you're using less paper. If our dependence on paper is reduced then less trees need to cut down for our business consumption as is the energy involved in paper production.

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Sorting and finishing

The latest digital photocopiers and printers by Ricoh and Xerox we offer can sort copied sets electronically without the use of sorter bins. Instead of separate bins, the copies are placed in a single tray at a right angle or offset from each other, allowing you to easily identify where one set ends and another begins. Bin-free sorting allows you to make unlimited sets at one time, rather than only as many sets as you have sorter bins.

You may also consider to purchase a a copier with a finisher if you want to be able to copy many sets of multi-page documents. The most common type of finisher is the one equipped with an automatic stapler, which can save an immense amount of time. More advanced versions include three-hole punches, saddle stitch binding, folding, and more. Finishers are optional on many photocopier machines, and vary in price according to functions. Contact us to find out about how San Bernardino Copier Liquidators can help you get the latest options on a fully loaded photocopier with a finisher for up to 80% OFF retail value.

Paper supply and Paper Trays

Each paper tray or cassette unit is a separate paper source on your copier. The number of paper trays is important if you want to be able to copy onto different paper stocks, such letter size, legal size, pre-printed letterhead, colored paper or transparencies and for reduction and enlargement purposes, without reloading the machine. Paper trays typically hold a minimum of 50 to 100 sheets but on average one ream or more of paper, and the largest-capacity units can hold up to 3,000 sheets.

Typically, in Rialto CA most office copiers include at least one fixed-size paper tray and a couple of adjustable-size paper trays. Ricoh and Xerox photocopiers print double-sided (Duplex) copies as a standard feature and all have a bypass tray which is a special tray that provides a straight paper path for heavy paper, labels, envelopes or pre-printed docummets, to name a few.

Digital multifunction printers & devices (MFP, MFD)

Digital multifunction printers & device have come a long way since the mid 1990s. Most, if not all printers and photocopiers today are Multifunctional as photocopier manufacturers have added multi-functionality and the convenience of several office machines built into one: copier, printer, scanner, pdf writer, fax machine and the list continues...

Some advanced document managing features are integrated such as: scan to file which allows a document to be scanned either to a shared folder on the network or to a specified workstation or PC; scan to email which allows a document to be scanned and sent directly to an email address; and recently, scan to .doc (Microsoft Word) and scan to .xls (Microsoft Excel). Some of the capabilities that used to be expensive or simply just not available are now standard on today's digital multifunction products. Remember that with the right photocopier you can upgrade many of these features later but if you contact San Bernardino Copier Liquidator in Rialto California you might be able to buy a copier with all the named features included for up to 80% Off, call today to find out about availability of equipment.

Some copier machines can be upgraded via software, like a USB print dongle, while others require more extensive hardware changes. If you are considering adding printing or faxing modules later, ask about the specifics of the upgrade process, chances are that you might get the features included as technology advances.

Digital Photocopier Features and Printing

Adding a printer module and network card to a digital copier and the results can double as your photocopier in Rialto, CA can not become the office laser printer, working at the same speed it makes copies. A photocopier with a finisher can allow your employees to produce dozens of stapled copies of a five-page, two-sided proposal without leaving their desks. Most businesses can benefit from using a photocopier as a printer as the cost per printed page can be as little as 20% of laser printer printing costs.

Today, photocopiers run standard networking protocols, which means that either a PC or MAC can communicate on the same network allowing different departments to print to the same copier machine. In case you might have questions as to the copier's compatibility, our copier specialist are just a phone call away.

Photocopier Faxing

Adding a fax module to a copier will allow you to send and receive faxes through the copier. You can easily send multi-page faxes using the document feeder, or you can use the photocopier glass to fax single pages or parts of books or catalogs in various formats. Incoming faxes can be printed as they're received in regular copy paper and from the many trays available which means you don't have to worry about running out of paper easily. With a network interface, users can even send faxes from their computers, including from anywhere they might be as long as you have the network settings properly configured to allow outside users to print through your Local Area Network (LAN).

Image editing

Digital copiers can edit documents while duplication is in process. Some would include automatic page numbering or annotation, adding watermarks such as "confidential" or "copy", or adding date stamps. Copiers can also rotate scanned images to match the orientation of the available paper supply, saving on wasted time and paper from unanticipated errors. Copiers can also combine images, like copying a two-sided original document, duplex a check onto one page for better filing, or reducing and combining originals to put 2, 4, or 8 pages onto one copy page.

Stackless duplexing

Digital photocopiers can support stackless duplexing by storing each side of the original page into its internal memory, then printing both sides of the copy. This results in the number of two-sided copies you make no longer being limited by the capacity of the duplex tray. In turn you will get your duplexed copies much faster as you are pulling the image from the copier's memory. Some copiers also have built in Hard Drives and work like document servers which will also allow you to have the scanned documents for later use.

Automatic image re-sizing

Digital photocopiers usually offer automatic sizing functions on their settings. This enables a copier to automatically note the dimensions of your original document and adjust itself using preset reduction/enlargement settings, even if your copying paper is a different size than your original.

Automatic shut-off

All copiers now have an automatic shut-off or stand-by feature which allows the copier to save energy and helps decreases wear on a copier by turning the machine off if the copier has not been used for a set period of time.

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Depending on administrative preference, managers and business owners can program their digital photocopiers to grant employees or network users access to make copies or print documents based on restrictive user rights and must enter an access code before they can utilize the copier machine. This provides a level of security by preventing unauthorized usage while allowing you to analyze current usage patterns by department. Some copier machines can also hold faxes or network documents in the copier's internal memory until the correct code is entered, then print them. This higher level of security prevents confidential documents from being left in the output tray for any passer-by to view.

Copier Buying Advice

As the saying goes, "If it's too good to be true it probably is", although not always. Many copier offers are often long term finance options worded differently and often not the most cost-effective or suitable option for acquiring a photocopier for your business. The most conscious option should be looking for an honest pricing with a competitive edge from a company that can deliver. This is why we invite you to shop San Bernardino Copier Liquidator in Rialto CA first. Our years of experience and quality inventory combined with honest and knowledgeable staff will satisfy your copier requirements and build long term business relations, Up to 80% OFF Retail - Get Smarter Buy Cheaper!