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Buy Vs. Lease a Photocopier, Should You Buy or Lease a Copier? Consider the differences and options.

The common misunderstanding about investing in new office equipment such as a photocopier or a multifunction printer is that it is costly. Many businesses don’t consider purchasing a copier thus instead they lean toward the option to rent or lease a copier. Here we will review the options on rental versus leasing a photocopier.

Photocopier Lease Advantages

Photocopiers are among the most basic equipment that a company needs. Photocopiers now are bundled with other functionalities such as scan, fax, scan to email, document server, internet fax and print. Because copier manufacturers recognized the need of small businesses to have the same access to modern technology that large corporations utilize, some companies now offer these devices for lease. To inquire about leasing costs vs buying a copier, simply Click Here to complete our quick online form and one of our copier specialist will contact you shortly to futher assist you.

Predominately, a copier lease agreement involves the client agreeing to pay a monthly fee for the term of the lease and is commonly based on printing or copying usage on the leased machine. Choosing to lease a copier potentially seems to save the business money by differing the use of funds otherwise used to purchase a new copier. Therefore, by not having such a large upfront expense, this money can be used for other business expenses. Also, by leasing a copier the business normally does not have the responsibility of the maintenance or wear and tear associated with daily usage and becomes the burden of the copier leasing company.

When determining to lease a copier, one must understand the leasing options provided by the copier leasing company. Such options include the term length of the lease, this could be anywhere between 12 to 72 months, the monthly lease cost and surcharge of the usage which will be based on a copy page count. Sometimes it is not uncommon to see a copy charge based on the amount of copies or prints over the maximum monthly quota included in the lease of the photocopier, if there was one.

A point to make out when leasing a copier is that such expense is tax deductable which could help any business or corporation .

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Disadvantages of Leasing a Photocopier

The most common disadvantage when leasing a copier is that you must commit to a lease. Usually the longer the term the better the pricing on your monthly lease payments. Some copier leasing companies might want you to commit to a 3-5 year lease which if you factor in alternative purchasing options it might be best to consider getting a second opinion by Clicking Here to speak with a photocopier representative who can help you analize the most cost effective route for your business.

As most know well, business has it's ups and downs, a point to consider when leasing a photocopier is if you close your business or need to upgrade or downgrade your copier, you might need to pay a significant fee or you might just be stuck with that long term lease untill you fulfil your contract.

When NOT to Lease Photocopier

The most sensible reason why you should not lease a copier is when you might not need the photocopier for a long time or if you just started your business and are unsure about committing to a long term contract with a tied expense. Other variables that point away from a lease are the fact that you will need to qualify with the bank for the lease or if you only plan on making very few copies per month. In most cases the popular term of lease is 36 months!

How to Termite a Photocopier Lease

Before deciding to terminate your photocopier lease contract, take the time to proofread, review and read thoroughly your lease agreement, specially before signing your copier lease. Because you are entering into a binding contract, getting out of it might pose a certain level of difficulty and mental duress, not to mention expense should you not be able to make your monthly payments.

Review you copier lease contact for automatic renewals and cancelation clauses so you know when to get out of the lease agreement prior to auto renewing. Also double check your maintenance contract clause and if you can, always request to have a separate maintenance contract, this way you separate the contracts and have separate billing. It has been seen in the copier leasing industry that some companies try to bundle these two contracts in hopes to extend the maintenance contract far beyond the term of lease on the copier and ties you to longer terms. This will result in future problems if you end up with a photocopier that tends to have too many issues and repair problems, or simply becomes obsolete.

If you think that leasing might not be something you might want to be tied to long term, consider buying a used copier. Click Here to view affordable pricing on used copiers.